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March 2021


Larry was awarded the designation of Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CLSSMBB) by Villanova University on March 16, 2021.  He is therefore given all rights and privileges to practice the skill as a master black belt professional. The CLSSMBB acronym means the individual in this role has completed 120 hours of classroom training. In addition, they would have completed a Villanova assigned project, and course testing to master the concepts of six sigma practices. This designation also requires that you successfully pass the certification exam.

March 2008


Larry was awarded the designation of Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) by the Juran Institute on March 31, 2008.  He is therefore given all rights and privileges to practice the skill as a black belt professional.  Larry completed 120 hours of six sigma black belt classroom training.  Successfully finished a 12-month company project that saved his organization over 500K.  Passed a 3.5 hour written examination.  Successfully finished a 12-month company project.  Passed a 2.0 hour oral defense of the project in front of a Master Black Belt Instructor, and submitted a “stand alone" project portfolio presentation consisting of over 100-pages.

January 2024


Larry earned the designation of Certified Change Practitioner awarded by PROSCI in January 2024.  The term PROSCI means professional science.  It focuses exclusively on “Change Management” backed by research, knowledge, and industry best practices.  A certified change practitioner has the skills to apply the strategy and plans necessary to achieve organizational results and outcomes.  


Larry was also awarded the designation of Certified Project Manager (CPM) by Kepner-Tregoe in Princeton, NJ.  The CPM is given all rights and privileges to practice as a project management professional.  Kepner-Tregoe partners with the Project Management Institute (PMI) using a practical step-by-step approach resulting in the successful management of projects, regardless of size or complexity.

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